Sugar is the main ingredient used in our hard candies. Therefore, we place high importance on it being sustainably sourced. We use sugar extracted from sugar beets, which is an
eco-friendlier option in comparison to their counterpart, sugar canes.
Sugar beets are a naturally sustainable crop which grows in the Nordic climate and the entire plant is utilized when harvested, resulting in less waste and shorter transportations of the sugar.


Our hard candy is coloured with natural substances extracted from vegetables and plants such as carrots, beetroots and flowers. The colourings have to be able to withstand high temperatures in order to blend into the hot sugar mixture. Once the colourings and the sugar mix they create a caramel, which is then pulled until the texture is smooth and the color is light and shiny.


One of the ways we flavour our hard candies is through the use of essential oils, a strong and pure substance extracted from plants.
The essential oils we use are organic and sustainably made by an Icelandic company. Because of their strong essence only a few drops are needed for a large batch of candies.


We create our own custome-made tinctures from Icelandic herbs, which we harvest during the summer. Tinctures are a strong alcoholic infusion used to flavour hard candies.
When added to the sugar mixture the temperature is so high that the alcohol evaporates, leaving only the flavour of the herb.