Kandís is a passion project inspired by Icelandic flora. We handcraft hard candies using only natural ingredients and traditional methods, creating unique flavours with Icelandic herbs and berries.

Portrait picture of Wiola Tarasek


Wioletta Tarasek is the co-founder
and owner of Kandís.
She has a bachelor degree in neuroscience and a diploma in herbal science. She is deeply passionate about food and nature and previously worked as a sous chef at a local restaurant. Her vast knowledge on herbs was essential in creating Kandís’ unique flavorings from Icelandic flora.

Portrait picture of Helga Haraldsdóttir


Helga Haraldsdóttir is the co-founder and owner of Kandís.
She has a masters degree in culinary arts and is deeply interested in Icelandic cuisine. She previously worked as a head chef at a local restaurant before establishing Kandís alongside Wioletta.


Kandís grew as an idea in the kitchen of the restaurant where Helga and Wioletta worked together as sous chef and head chef. They wanted to introduce the Icelandic flora to the public in a new and exciting way with high-quality, hand-crafted candy. Thus, Kandís was born.

After a year of intense research on how to hand-craft hard candies and flavor them with Icelandic herbs, Kandís was ready to hit the market and has been met with great enthusiasm since for its unique and delicious taste.

Wiola and Helga handwritten signature
Helga is boiling the mixture used to produces the hard candies
Wiola working in the preparation of the ingredients